Im lisiting to Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments

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  1. I get so much junk from this guy in the mail. He is on Bloomberg saying he expects 20% return from SP500 next year and this is a magical time for stocks. He never mentioned the inverted yield curve. He says stock are cheep. To many bulls iin this market.
  2. We used to be neighbors years ago. I received so much junk mail from the guy I referred it to my attorney. In my opinion the guy is a scam artist (and a jerk). I am trying to be generous.

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    :confused: A Friend of mine has used Fisher for years. He is quite happy with the $ results. In his latest report he stated the Republicans would not loose the Senate. I wonder????
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    I used to work there in the early 90's. Your assessment is correct.
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    he's definately king of spam

    one look at his picture says it all
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