im just wandering why there is never a rumor that fed its not goin to cut

Discussion in 'Trading' started by thomfergu, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. can anyone tell me why in the hell there is never a rumor that fed is not going to cut but there is always a rumor that fed is going to cut ,when markets down 300 points. who lets garbage like this in the air ?why this is not illegal? because the way i see it thats inside trading :)
  2. see it wrong..
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    there never needs to be a rumor for no cut because they will always be cutting and thats what makes the world turn. you can always start a " no cut " thread but since they will cut , no one will pay attention to it. no need for things to make sense:confused:
  4. i'm just being sarcastic
  5. S2007S


    the day the dow was down nearly 200 points and recovered to being down only 1 point was based on rumors of an emergency rate cut, but to think about why would there be an emergencey rate cut if the federal reserve was meeting one week later. Its all made up just to find an excuse to push the markets back up....pathetic...
  6. Was not based on rumors... The FED leaked to their buddies.
  7. The market has almost never sold off a lot on a fed meeting

    the worst was probably 50 points on the dow

    fed meetings are bullish even when they dont cut. When they cut it rallies. No cut=small sell off.