i'm jsut trying real hard toadjust

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    i aing trying to chaange nobdoy i'm just tying real hard to adjust.

    the kid in the bar tongiht played songs on teh juke box with his phone how the hell did that even happen. i put in my money in the juke box but he just used his phone and he plaeyd what he wanted. how did this even come about i cant keep up naymore
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    he took out his phone and he slected the song he wanted andit played on teh juke box. he showed me how to do it but i odn;t have that kind of pohone. how did i fall so far behind
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    just tell the truth. i'm left behind are tehy all lauging at old people like me. i don't even feel that old. my body is in ten times better shape than theris. i can run farhter than them and i can lift more and my body is better even though tehy are younger. i don't hate them. but is it over
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    this little old rock is going to keep spinge around teh sun and life will keep moving on and advanceing. onde day they will be old and wonder what happened
  5. eh trivial technology doesn't impress me.
    Now if he paid for it and charged the bill to his friends phone, then I'd be impressed.
  6. If young people think they are all that because the have a phone app, they are in for a big surprise throughout life.

    Fuck 'em. We were young once but they never been old. I always tell them "come talk to me when you 60. Of course they can't cause I'll be dead by the time they reach 60.

    I never laughed at the old guys when I was young, most of them were vets, they were tough guys and seen more than did.

    COD and WOW and phone apps? Big F'n deal, I don't feel like I'm missing anything, like you said, we can out work them, out think them, oh yea, some smart young guys out there but for the most part, more young dummies than ever in the real world.