I'm Home MaMa, Part II

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ego_super, Dec 1, 2002.

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    this is not a joke, boys and girls. who i am doesn't matter. what you will learn does. make no mistake, i am not super_ego, although i've been following his methods. i believe there is some substance to his style, but SE never finished teaching. the point of this thread will be to pick up where SE left off. anyone who wants to expand on his ideas should feel free to post here. this thread will be for anyone who is interested in SE's style, but feels a bit incomplete. i will be posting some charts later today to get this thread started..

    "Very important, since I will be showing you all that EVERYONE is making the same mistakes and that is what the market is counting on!" - super_ego

    let's see if we can figure out what these mistakes are...maybe SE will join in.. :D
  2. ego_super


    before we get started, i would suggest anyone who's interested should read these 2 SE threads:



    his other threads mostly contain bickering with other members, which was his downfall.

    anyway, be sure to check out all of SE's charts. if you read what he has to say a few times and study the charts, you can see where he's coming from. i will be making his methods clear later today. for now, just get acquainted with his style. the details he left out will be what this thread is all about.

    unlike SE's threads, i will not get bogged down with the useless bickering. let's make our money grow, like SE said it would. :D
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    bring it home! bring it home! super :D
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    this is a dream come true:D :D :D
  5. Before hogging up space on the server, let's see your credentials first. I don't want to wade through tons of material and find out you're a non-profitable, TA book regurgitating, generality spouting, bid smacking, wannabe trader. P&L statements for the last six months would suffice.

    I knew Super Ego (may he rest in peace). He was a friend of mine. Do not besmirch his good name.

  6. balda


    I've been staring at my screen for two days :(
  7. You'll be staring for a lot longer. MaMa kicked his charlatan ass back to where he came from!

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    I missed his threads in July, whatever happened to that guy