I'm gonna be rich, Rich, RICH!

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    Woot! Check out this "limited investment opportunity":

  2. I don't know what it is, but these South African and Nigerian banks have problems out the yin-yang.

    Why, in the past year alone, I have received dozens of such entreaties. When are these institutions going to get it together?
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    It would appear that many people have invested in these two places only to mysteriously die. We need a government warning about the health hazards of investing big piles of cash in Nigeria or South Africa.

    It's pretty neat that I have close personal friends that are high level bankers in all these places. ;)
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    Rats, just read this part:

    Guess I blew it by posting it here.
  5. You DID blow it!

    You could've retired, but now one of those young guys with no money trying to get a job at a prop firm is going to swoop down and cash in on this.

    Well, maybe there's another 10 million they can hook you up with LOL!
  6. Damn right you blew it!

    Mr. Thomas Chaka and I just had an AMAZING conversation, in which he gave me further details and assured me I'll be a millionaire in a short time after he deposits the funds in my bank account. I did think it odd that he couldn't just send me a cashier's cheque and needed to know my bank account number, password, date of birth, social security number, driver's license number, passport number, make/model/year of my car, credit card numbers, and all the above for my wife, but hey, I trust the guy.
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    Sounds legit to me. Maybe he knows this nice Nigerian fellow.

    He used to post on ET... :D

  8. ROFLMAO!!!! :D :D :D
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    hahahahaha...hahahahahah...good one..
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