I'm going to sue

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  1. Japan. for dumping all that radiation-polluted water out into the Pacific. No more sushi for me. Or should I thank Japan for allowing me to save $$$
  2. Same here. Big fuck up IMO.
  4. These conversations do make people look like fuckwits though.

    Before you sue you might read this NYT article:


    You might also consider that most of the oceanic problem is iodine isotopes. Then you might look up the half-life. Then you might look up the exposure you get if you:
    - have an xray
    - have a ct scan
    - install a granite bench top for your lovely
  5. Not comparable.

    Ingesting an Alpha particle emitter into the human body is very nasty. You cannot compare an X-ray dose which could be higher but is external and safe VS a lower dose radiation but ingesting something that emits Alpha particles and would be absorbed into the bone or thyroid gland causing cancer 15-30 years in the future.
  6. Oh how I love my sushi!

    What is the half life of that iodine isotope? When can I resume my expensive Japanese cuisine habit?
  7. olias


    why do so many go off half-cocked?