I'm going to start buying here, what do you think?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sharp, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. That's FUNNY!

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  2. Manolo


    Really? You don't appreciate on-the-mark analysis posted ahead of the fact?
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  3. Dbphoenix was the last one to grow tired of Manolo's attention seeking crap and left Manolo's thread.

    Poor Manolo.
    He has no one left to talk to about the stockmarket.
    So now he shows up over on this thread, seeking to alienate even more people!

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  4. abogdan


    Guys, when do you actually trade? Gees!
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  5. I wouldnt make any deciscions until we see what happens here. It could go either way.
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  6. The other day I felt that a break of 1142 on a closing basis in the SPX would be needed for a change in bullish bias, AND a break of NDX 1420 as well.

    Thus far, we have gotten one of the two.

    1130.50 just got tested successfully for the time being.
    Today's S2 = 1130.15 Very key level.

    If it holds, go with it!

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  7. pspr


    Feels like a 3Pm rally coming.

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  8. Not when it's posted by some newbie trying to show the world he can trade.

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  9. Sharp


    Okay, I have just finished up for the day and here's my thoughts....I GOT CREAMED!!! My account is down about 6% on the day and nothing I did worked. I liked the action this morning, when I went to bed last night the NQ was down 4 points, when I woke this morning is was up 4 points. I started buying QQQ calls first thing this morning, and for I while I was doing good. The Nasdaq seemed strong against the Dow and S&P so I started buying the futures, also. When the Nasdaq first pulled back to the flat line I thought we would make a strong move higher, but by 12:00 (pmt) I was already heading for the exit. By 1:00 (pmt) I was down badly so I started taking some short positions in the NQ but my lack of confidence and bad mental condition prohibited me from making any money today. Oh well, tomorrows another day. From now on, I'm going to try harder to stick to my regular intra-day trading, that's the only way I ever make any money. Hope your day was better then mine!:p
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  10. Sharp


    By the way, if this post is referring to me it's incorrect on two levels. First, I'm not a newbie, but if that's what you think, okay. Second, I'm not trying to show anyone that I can or can't trade. I just thought there may be people on this site who would want to exchange in some real dialogue concerning the market; rather then the normal rhetoric that gets posted day after day.
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