I'm going to become an analyst

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  1. I will arbitrarily upgrade and downgrade stocks, to force others into or out of positions, and I will let my ET buds make requests of me.

    You want to get a better entry price on Valero? No problem. Just say the word and I'll go from "Strong Buy" to "Like Having Sex With Your Mother-In-Law."

  2. Combine that with a front running service and sign me up, lol! :D
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    LOL! Sounds good to me:).
  4. I will hire some large chested women from Hooters to read the news about your upgrades and downgrades and make silly comments each day. I will call it... CNBC.
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  6. (Offtopic, sorry, I didn't think it deserved a new topic)
    Was there a takeover rumour on MEDI before today's takeover? Like there was with SLM?
    Chart is amazing :p
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    It's more entertaining then bloomberg thou.
  8. Gotta have that. The old distraction trick.

    When she talks about how they missed bottom line numbers on earnings, camera pans to zippered down cleavage.
  9. What if your mother-in-law is hot and about your age?
  10. Stumped me. :eek:
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