I'm going to be working for you. I'm not going to have time to go play golf

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    Oh, so Trump had nothing to do with the new tax bill. Got it.

    Okay; so you believe that the individual mandate is not essential for Obamacare whatsoever. Got it. So you are fine with them getting rid of the individual mandate.

    Trump is going to cut the deficit in half.
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    AGAIN, complete strawman. All he did was sign the bill, just like how he nominated Gorusch - Mcconell and Ryan did all the work.

    Obamacare will continue without the mandate, the marketplace and Medicaid expansion are it's key features - mandate would effect premiums in some red states which is great, blue states would work around it. 4 in 5 Obamcare enrollees are from red states - these people need to suffer for their folly.
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    Okay; Trump is not responsible for new tax bill.

    The mandate is meaningless and has a de minimus impact on Obamacare. Got it.
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  4. Senator
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    Name one Senator who has golfed 80+ times this year or any other year.
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    AGAIN, NO - he isn't responsible for it - this tax bill isn't new and is the same old Ryan bill that he proposed when he was running with Romney.

    The mandate effects premiums in red states - which is good news for those subsidizing these moochers. Obamacare is more than the mandate so again your characterization that 'Trump ended Obamacare' is false. Try to keep up with your own thoughts?
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  7. Washington D.C.'s Top 150 Golfers

    Actually the list demonstrates the correct answer is "Lobbyist".

    But we do have:

    11.) STEVE KNIGHT (R) Rep.-Calif., 2.7

    12.) DONALD TRUMP (R) Republican President

    14.) JOHN YARMUTH (D) Rep-Ky., 3.3

    23.) ROGER WILLIAMS (R) Rep.-Texas, 4.9

    26.) BOB CORKER (R) Sen-Tenn., 5.2

    42.) MICK MULVANEY (R) Rep.-S.C., 8

    and many more Reps and Senators down the list.
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    So even lobbyists do more work than the Trump U dean
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    Tony Stark

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    Brain dead leftists hate Trump, bemoan all the damage he is doing and they want him to do more by not playing so much golf.
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