I'm going out on a limb, but

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  1. George W. Bush is one of the greatest presidents of the past 100 years. A lot of pundits on the left and right are painting the bush presidency as a disaster, but quite the opposite, and I'll refute anyone who cares to debate.
  2. Don't look down, because that limb is imaginary.
  3. Not as imaginary as the belief that Obama can change things.
  4. You'd think an arch-troll who habitually believes one thing while posting the opposite would easily recognize one of his own kind.

    So much for "it takes one to know one", eh?
  5. I didn't have to be a plain old junkie to know you were one...

    So you think you got it beat now?

    No repentance, no humility, just victory over the addiction...sure, that's likely.

  6. In your Lawful-Evil mind, you really do think your raging alcoholism is somehow a 'notch above' heroin addiction, don't you? Cops & judges would readily agree with you, but any semi-competent physician would certainly beg to differ.

    Did you know that in the Middle-East (where I grew up), egoism is considered a highly desirable virtue, to be cultivated and fostered to the max... while the <i>defect</i> of humility is simply for pussies? A dedicated cultural relativist only when it suits you, it seems the only consistency is your hypocrisy.
  7. I think both alcoholism and drug addiction are symptoms of the same disease. The disease and addiction is both physical and mental no doubt, but unlike your incorrect analogy of a diabetic needing insulin to live, drug addicts and alcoholics have provided both medical and scientific proof that they can in fact live a sane and reasonable existence without drugs or alcohol. It is not easy of course, and if your egoism keeps you clean and sober, well then go for it.

    Both alcoholism and drug addiction are mental illnesses and require treatment and a path of recovery to live with and a restoration to sanity in most cases.

    Some come to a point where they understand they need help, which requires the humility of asking for help and repenting the wrongs they have done while under the influence of their disease...not a path of just of seeking a new kind of fix (bupe, bupe, eee, doop)...and some never reach that point.

    Yes, I know there are parts of the world where egoism is a virtue, is that where you are living now, in the middle east?

    Or are you living in America stuck in your past childhood cultural conditioning?

  8. Over 30,000 posts, yet not one single instance of you ever admitting you were wrong about anything. At least your hypocrisy is consistent.
    Step 10: "Continued to take personal inventory and <b>when we were wrong promptly admitted it.</b>"

    It seems you need to have a little talk with your sponsor...
  9. Who do you think it is that a person needs to admit their wrongs to when it comes to step 10?



    Their higher power?

    If you had worked the steps, you might know the answer...

    In any case you are dodging or in denial of the issues I am bringing up about you being a common drug addict...but then, denial is of course step one in the process of becoming an addict...

    You, unlike all the other addicts who came to realize they were powerless over their drug of choice...have a plan to control your drug addiction through egoism...

    It might work for you, who knows?

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