Im going long on Interactive Brokers IBKR

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Its a gift under 20...
  2. How so..?

    addendum: Looks like a mirror image fold-back.
  3. For a short-term trade, if it can hold 18-19 then I believe it will be good for a few points up.
  4. I wonder what is going to happen to ETFC after this not many retail investors are gonna be playing. I'm sure its going to hurt their bottom line.
  5. maybe, but at 24 its been a curse so
  6. Punk, it was no where under 20 when you posted. Take your fake trades elsewhere
  7. I went long in the morning and then cashed out in the pm. Nice daytrade, but my Sohu trade was even better. Lots of good ones out there today. I use Keltner and Bollingers as my guide on IBKR. Usually when it gets over the middle line is when its time to sell. Lets see if the pattern keeps holding on this one.

    This stock wasnt my idea originally, but I'll daytrade it just the same.
  8. A blind dead monkey with aids could have made money trading long today.

    take your bs elsewhere
  9. IBKR is crap. it has no institutional or fund buying.
  10. Didnt you see the CNBC commercial? Would you place your money with a broker who needs a bailout?

    As much as I speak out about the clock being off by 5 seconds, the missed executions, the horriffic customer service, thinking you closed out a position but it mysteriously reappears as open, etc. The stock has held up very well telling me that this will probably be a great long term holding. When the financials do return, this will be the one to be in.

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