Im going long on FannieMae FNM

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Im going long. I got some shares at 20 and will be building a position from this point forward.
  2. Good luck
  3. why? drawing a line in the sand? and why are you always "buying" the weakest stocks in the market?
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    FNM and FRE looking at single digits very soon. Does anyone think the federal reserve will bail these 2 out as well, I know they are trying but will they do what they did to BSC...

    this news keeps getting worse and worse.....rallies arent even holding...

    The DOW is coming ever so close to a 1000-2000 point single day drop.....
  6. Dont panic. Just rumors. Im buying into this weakness and scaling in. If Im wrong then at least I'll make it back on AAPL. Go now and buy some AAPL shares.

  7. The problem is all the rumors are not only true but tend to understand the problems in the financials. The recapitalized FNM and FRE might be worth buying some of, but the current versions are going to 0. (The US gov't guarantees the debt, not the equity.)
  8. great call on fannie! it was almost as good as your citi call.
  9. this guy should write a freaking book
  10. Just stop creating threats Port. Everything you type goes wrong.

    AAPL is not going up 20% from here.
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