I'm giving up trading! I have found a much better way to make $.

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  1. http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Man-Poses-as-Dead-Mom-to-Collect-Benefits.html

    This guy is my new role model. I might have to wait a few years till ma and pa croak, ... but this guy is true innovation.

    This guy is now on my top favorite awesome people list, which includes greats like the 1982 Larry Walters Balloon-Chair guy and Nick Perry, of the 1980 PA Lotto Scam where he kept making the lotto show 666 as the daily numbers.

    I love America!!!!
  2. da-net


    there is a good lesson here;

    <centered> <b>Do Not Steal!</centered> </b>

    <centered> <b>The government does not like competition!</centered> </b>
  3. tradersboredom

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    wall street is the ultimate con-game.

    nothing comes close to the magitude of theft that goes on wall street.

    most professionals are in denial about this.

    it's by for the most lucrative con game that i know of

    just ask Madoff and all the hedge fund market manipulators (players)

  4. I wish that I was a hermaphrodite...plasma, semen AND eggs; MONEY!!! Guess I had better grow some balls first. :p