Im giving more cash to the Zimmerman defense fund

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  1. Fucking punks! Zimmerman was defending the neighborhood against criminals like Trayvon. Give more to Zimmerman!
  2. I wonder how much money is in the Trayvon Martin "Hoodies for Hero's" College scholarship fund?
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    Last week during the new bail discussion they said there was $200 K in the Zimmerman account and he had spent $50 K on bills, etc. Then the lawyer took control of it, I guess so he didn't get in trouble with the IRS or for improper use of the funds.

    I'm sure the trayvon martin "donations for drug dealers" fund is still empty.
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    Non of those fools are going to college. They're heading for prison or an early grave.
  5. There was 200k until Zimmermans Dad started using Interactive Brokers.
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  7. Of course you would support angry, vigilantes who break multiple rules and kill people after harassing them for no other reason than they looked suspicious.

    I assume you also support police departments who look the other when injustices like this happen. Cause the victim was black and probably guilty of something.

    It's not surprising you would think this way given you are knuckle-dragging moron.
  8. Yeah, I think I may have to send more to his defense fund too if this shit keeps up.
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    Tsing Tao

    Chris Rock said it best..

    "If the kid call his grandma "mommy" and his mommy "Pam", he goin' to jail! It don't take no scientist to figure this out. You aint savin' college money. You savin' bail money! That money goin to Johnny Cochran!"
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