I'm embarassed to be a democrat

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  1. The excuse making today is sickening. Watching Chris Matthews right now makes me want to puke. This idiots will go all the way to November with their blinders on. The total bullshit is staggering. Walker won because people don't really support recalls. Walker won, but it has real meaning in the national election. Walker won because of too much money, as if the people had no idea there was a choice.
    FUCK YOU, you fucking pussies! The real reason Walker won is because the people completely rejected the pathetic excuse for a dem platform. Walker won because private sector unions have been making huge concession for 30 years+, while watching public sector unions get more and more. There is a huge divide between the two and these dopes don't know how to bridge that gap. Walker won because working class WHITE males are sick and tired of the excuse making. I got news for you idiots on "the hill". You lose that working class white vote and your ass is done.
    So I'm calling it now. Hello President Romney. He wins easily. The only question is by how much, and judging from last night elections we're heading for a Reagan vs. Mondale massacre.
  2. Actually as a republican, I dont want either of them to win. I dont like Romney & I dont like Obama. If Romney wins he is just going to embarrass the republican party for the next 4 years. Doesnt really matter who wins this next election, all of america is screwed since these are our only 2 choices.
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    Here you go, Captain. These recipies should come in handy come November:


  4. You are welcome to dine with Maverick and myself at the Capital Grill. Looks like I'll be buying.
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    I'm watching it now on the repeat and it makes me sick as well. They really don't get it. I just can't figure out if it's total ignorance or if they are just following orders from up above.
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    I'm not that confident, but I sure hope you're "right".
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    If the spending didn't make a difference, then the reps are 5 to 1 stupid. If the spending did make a difference, then 5 to 1 amplifies even a modest difference (but then the reps are not stupid). Take your pick.
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    Money doesn't vote, people do. Next....
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    So you pick the first choice, well done.
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    Ricter, Americans in this country have a first amendment right to spend their money how they want to spend it. It's not a matter of being stupid. Some people spend it on blow, some on women, some on cars and some donate to green causes. It's their right to do what they want to do with THEIR money. Next...
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