i'm done with age

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  1. i'm done using an age. unless maybe the government requires it.

    here's my reasoning. when i think of people at 30, 40, 50, 60, etc., i do make stereotypical assumptions automatically. for example, i'll assume how they probably look, act, what music they like, etc.

    i am not going to get out of shape, i'm not going to lose my taste of current music, i'm basically not going to be like everyone else. therefore, i don't want people making assumptions about me. i'd rather have people judge me by who i am and what i do--not by what my age # is and what most other people are like at certain ages.

    i'm generally not a liar, but when i talk to a girl and she's like 18, if she asks me how old i am, i usually just add 2 or 3 years to her age. no one has doubted me yet and i don't show anyone my license. i'm going to keep doing this til i can't get away with it anymore, then i'm just going to not disclose my age at all.

    take FPC, for example. he could be 50 claiming he's 25, or 25 claiming he's 50. from his posts on ET, i really have no idea. i think that is cool.

    plus, there is no such thing as ONE real time, anyway.
  2. From reading your posts on this site, I've come to the conclusion that you have issues.

    Just out of curiosity, if you were granted 3 wishes, what would they be?
  3. GG, brutha....you need a girlfriend :D

  4. You need what a good girlfriend have to offer :D
  5. I can often genuinely identify with GG's posts.

    I'm not hesitant to disclose my age (29), but I don't like to 'give too much away' and let myself be stereotyped. I have a Jewish last name, and I've been toying with the idea of changing it, because it just gives too much information to stereotype me with.

    GG, I'm really not into lying to get laid though...when you start lying about your age, you have to make up alll sorts of other lies to cover for the first one. Eventually you will get caught in a blatant lie, and forfeit all credibility. (Like when Candle claimed to have dated that Asian actress...)
  6. I always thought you were a bit meshugana.

  7. No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness.

  8. Rearden Metal, as long as you are modest... :p
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  10. ElCubano


    You dont know what ur future may bring and the things that have shaped your life thus far may be of no importance to you when you are older...so you may aquire different tastes along the way and ideas that may shape you into something you thought you would never be....just ask TM_DIRECT about his new automobile purchase....

    I also disagree that axeman wont marry or ever have children..I dont know how old he is but what you think now is not what you may want when you are older.....peace...
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