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    Looking for one or two sentence thoughts. How do you feel about these semi random words. Not the words themselves but the human activity that we use these words to describe.

    I'll be putting a new word up daily. The words and your responses are used to determine how people with at least one similar interest feel about other human actions.

    Thanks for participating.
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  3. It is not music to my ears.
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    Deceiving a secret agent
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    Perfect. Not that I agree but thanks.
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    Transvestite metal band from Japan
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    Nutmeg, can I ask you a question? Do you live in the vicinity of a race track or something that submits you to the loud exhaust sounds fom motocross bikes?

    Or do you just know that they are loud and you do not like the sound?

    I am trying to understand why people feel the way they do.
  8. sore balls
  9. I doubt I would be much help with my input, life is fluid and personally I've changed over the years. I knew a moto cross guy, trophies pictures, etc. what I never understood was the risk to life and limb for the quest of the thrill I never understood, but that is my problem. I spend my life trying not to end up going in circles and motocross is going as fast as you can in a circles.

    There are some guys who race on the ice near my house in winter, they don't bother me but I prefer the quiet.
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    new word

    2. Chess
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