I'm considering going long on April wheat

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  1. What do you think, Valentine?

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    Valentine : That you will have problems doing so since there is no APRIL wheat...:p
  3. :D :D :) :p :p :p
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    Do you think the extended silence may have something to do with the OP continuously ringing the engaged phoneline of the bucketshop broker, attempting to ask why they are quoting an April Wheat? :D
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    Ya gotta admit, as subtle as it may be, the Original Post is very funny.
    I LOL'ed a little. :D
  6. You need to be in KC wheat where the real issues are.
  7. Not so, Joe! April would be a "cereal month"......whoops, I meant to say a serial-month. :cool:
  8. just buy kc/chi spread or sell mw/kc spread. That way you are literally playing the crop conditions in the southern plains (KC wheat) and not just playing the outright wheat market whch is so subject to outside markets, technicals, etc.

    Spreading that wheat is a safer way imo
  9. What are the issues with KC Wheat?
  10. Not much just record low soil moisture in the southern plains. Crop went into dormancy in bad shape and now when it comes out of dormancy there will be no moisture for the heading stage later this spring.

    KC wheat has the most upside potential but if wheat really takes off Chi will lead the way as it is the wheat with the highest liquidity and funds will run to Chi to establish positions
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