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  1. I am starting to think this whole market thing is a sham and all the news services and news wires and market magazines are a big conspiracy/spoof....

    Cbs marketwatch, forbes, economist, yahoo finance, briefing, the street.com, are talking about "inflation" and fear of inflation and need to raise rates to combat inflation and blah blah blah. Nobody,nobody, nobody is talking about the United States need to raise 3 billion dollars a day to finance their deficit/debt. Which, IMHO, is the only reason rates have to and will continue going up. If the pacific rim stops investing/propping up the US, we are fubed. Addicted to foeign oil?? Try being addicted to foreign debt.
    If rates don;t go up, the dollar falls out of favour and we are bankrupt. For real, tapioca. This is not something that could happen in 20 years... It is within the next few years. In the meantime, Nasdaq, S& P and Dow look poised to make multi-year highs.

    Now 5-5 1/2 percent and pause my ass. they said pause 2 hikes ago. They have to keep going up forever. Which is going to murder the housing market (50% increase in foreclosures in january year over year) and the US economy in general. Why is this not of concern?? Why is this not the news de jour as opposed to this "the economy is so good we have to cool it off bs"??What am I missing?

    China and India are growing at 10%. US mbe a few measly percent which doesnt even beat inflation. Who wants to buy US equities????We are picking fights in Iran. A fight, coincidentally, we don't have the means to take on. Iraq is on the brink of civil war. Afghanistan, and specifically the taliban are now apparently real well rested and ready to terrorize.

    I try to remain objective but the only thing I can really see is doom and gloom? Help me see the light here??
  2. you are 100% right.. however everyone always keeps saying "its different this time... bla bla bla"

    The market has to be propped up to give everyone the impression that everything is fine and dandy when in fact in reality it's not....
  3. ehmm...if companies keep delivering great earnings
    that's what counts right?
    who cares about the deficit, who gives a shit about inflation/deflation, until they dont have an effect on firms performance I, amongst many others will keep buyin'n'buyin....:p

    enjoy us, ncsit.
  4. We're all gonna die!:eek:

    Take a step back

    Look beyond the smoke and mirrors

    Find your (target) goal



    Repeat often:D
  5. none of these things matter to the market until they matter and nobody knows when or if they will matter.
  6. not to mention we NEED negative stuff to make the market climb higher

    the market climbs a wall of worry

    too much good news, and everybody is long

    and market goes dooooooooown

    it's called "wall of worry"

    rinse, lather, repeat

    when everybody is long, there is nobody left to buy

    otoh, bears, shorts,puts, stops, and their margin calls drive markets HIGHER
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    Help me to as I am starting to feel a lot like you are but what to do? I don't know...I do know that I have terrible vibes about the future and the more we seem to want to push aound and dictate to other countries the more I feel we will all somehow pay dearly for such an attitude...creeps me out when I dwell on it to long as I am generally a very optimistic person.

    I wish I knew of a place to live in the U.S where if the sh*t does ever really hit the fan, worse than 911, I could feel somewhat safe...I live now on Long Island and really could only travel west towards NYC if anything really terrible happened :(
  8. this is just a symptom of 24 hour news channels all looking for more bad news. stop listening to all that crap. nobody knows what will happen.
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    But I don't watch television :) I disliked it so much that I cancelled my cable. never looked back.
  10. I think it's natural for a beginner such as I to listen all day every day for the first year [Bloomberg]. Just a function of wanting to suck in all the knowledge possible. Of course, I still learn something if I turn it on, but I have come to the point now where it is just annoying. All the hype and BS has reached a critical mass in my mind. I find my time far more productive studying and researching in silence now, relying on the chart and my own analysis. I still turn it on for entertainment
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