Im coming to ET tonight to tell you to buy GLD (GOLD) and the miners

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by blowingup2012, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. I have to come to ET tonight to tell you to buy gold. This is the time! Its not in a bear market, not at all! If you want to make money, then you get in at the open. GOLD!!!

  2. If you didnt get a piece of that NUGT today then you never will. Its that time!
  3. Not sure what timeframe you are talking about but gold is acting strong during the afterhours, I'm presently long and looking for a test of 62-67 hopefully tonight tomorrow.
  4. Your handle says it all I think? :p

    Gold may be a long on the shorter timeframe, to say 1725, but I see some very nice short action coming after the formation of a top.
  5. 1. Newbie goes all in or doesn't properly size

    2. Newbie goes to ET to Pump his position.

    3. Newbie loses big or blows up :(

    4. Newbie very charitable to banker :)
  6. Went long @ 1653, see how they'll go
  7. Stop is almost hit now, not a great entry
  8. Stopped out at 1643.10
  9. Another attempt @ 1648.50
  10. This post is for those who want to read and understand. There is NO LIMIT to how much the FED can or will print. Bernanke is not an elected official and he does NOT CARE about oil prices or getting re-elected. His ONLY SOLUTION these last few years is to print money.
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