Im calling the bottom to Citigroup - broadening megaphone bottom is in

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  1. C will go no lower. That formation on the chart is megaphone bottom. This will be the lowest citi will EVER go. The time is now, THE BOTTOM IS IN.
  2. Please don't jinx your own call.
  3. Shit Chat.
  4. JPM was in the afforementioned pattern for almost a full year, and now it has started all over again, forming another one. I guess this is your classic technical representation of a slow, gradual volatility expansion. The final leg of the JPM 2007-2008 megaphone was a nice down leg from the uppward trending resistance level down through the old low and downtrending reistance. It then reversed on heavy volume. I think if we see that same volume spike in C, then you're on the money, if not...C will probably revisit and break the 11.95 low in the coming weeks/months when the Fed is almost out of interest rate ammo.
  5. Arabs are losing their shirts on their stakes in Citigroup. Make money off oil, get screwed holding crappy American stocks.

    Mubadala is underwater with their $622 million investment in AMD. Shares at $12.70 (now trading $3.03).

    These boys don't know how to invest. With crude falling below $65, their riches are being drained.

    Thats what greed does.
  6. sooooo you are short?
  7. As is the Chinese greedy by nature, so too are the Arabs DUMB by nature and that will never change.
  8. Timing was just off a little.
  9. And whites are naturally intelligent, all Indians are surgeons, all Japanese are Chief executives, haha, please keep up your thinking, keep it up !!!! Provides much needed market liquidity !
  10. Judging from my area in New Jersey all Indians work in Dunkin Donuts.
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