Im calling the bottom! The bottom is in!

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  1. On, the $NAA50R has only been in single digits three times in the last 10 years. Mid-2002, late 2008 and each time was ideal to buy&hold certain stocks. Buffet went long in late 2008 and now he is going long again.

    What to go long is up to you? My opinion is semi-conductors related to the Android phone like TQNT, but that decision is up to you. Maybe some of the traders here can share their own personal picks.

    Investors can be sure of one thing and that its time to get long and hold like it was March of 2009. The bottom is in!!!
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    You have called 9 of the last 2 bottoms. Thanks for your help!
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    maybe the bottom is in for CRUS. an audio chip semiconductor vendor for AAPL particulary the iphones and ipads. The news about their defective chip and recall for Apple is over with the summer. With iphone 5 coming out later this year.
  4. I have only been on this board a short time and I am sound in my prediction. I will give you my logic and you can feel free to disagree.:

    - Percentage of stocks moving above 50/150/200 day moving average at notable lows only seenpreviously in 2002/2008 when it was a great time to buy certain stocks.

    - Buffet's big buy of BAC. I dont like BAC as much as the next guy and feel like its another LEH, but what I think doesn't matter. Buffet did his homework and has over 70 businesses under his belt. I would say Buffets huge buy is a signal that its now time.

    - Sentiment surveys of the "experts" suggest bearishness at an extreme.

    - RSI Period 14 the most oversold in 10 years.

    - Morgan Stanley high technology index and Semis making higher lows.

    I kind of wonder why Buffet went long the zombie banks. I dont know, what do I know. Lets hear it from the gallery of ET characters. What do you think the industry and sector will be the hottest right now? Energy? Staples? Financials? I want to hear from you...
  5. Another sign is the TLT and the VIX. They are at the same levels as 2009. People grabbing treasury bonds especially when the United States is the greatest debter nation in the world...with Obama and Bernanke constantly lieing to us and mismanaging the nation's have to be absolutely fearful to jump into those treasury bonds especially when they are obviously not investment grade. Why would anyone buy munis if there was not this great fear in the air?
  6. Pray tell me, without QE3 on the horizon, what exactly is it that you think will cause stocks to rise?
  7. It is time shed this nonsense and dependency on Bernanke. Rise above that common trap which most investors and traders fall into. Of course, Bernanke and Obama are two idiots who know nothing about the economy. How can someone who has never held down a "real job" in the "real economy" know an ounce of what is going on? Look, the markets just exist and they don't care about Bernanke, QE3 or Obama. They just move at their own will.

    Focus on the future I say. Which stocks will double in 3 months? I am pretty confident TQNT will make that double...what do you think? What do you think?
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    As someone once said. "You don't know until you bet".
  9. The vix is nowhere near the levels it was in late 08 early 09.
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