I'm calling it - The Top Is In

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  1. key chart from that thread
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    How are you playing it? Targets, short entry? Time frame?
  3. on the dow, the 20 month moving average was 9914 -high for the month was 9917

    closed below 20 month avg
  4. Don't fight the tape. :D
  5. Repeating myself:

    Original in the Kudos to MMs thread.
    I had thought we might be getting there, but now, forget it. Everyone & his brother continues to doubt this market. Top is nowhere in sight.
  6. WTF is everyone and his brother? You TRADE on this analysis?
  7. you're entitled to your opinion, but you're quoting platitudes from more ordinary markets - in terms of specifics, it';s just a bunch of bla bla bla

    this was a CRASH, with every 'recovering' sector running on unsustainable subsidies - 2 trillion borrowed so far. and we have 1.8 trillion a year budget deficit. The fundamental and technical case is against a new bull market

    This was/is the largest uninterrupted rally since the great depression - since 1996, the 20 month moving average has defined the trend

    i've held my fire on any top calling this entire run - not once have i said we were until 2 weeks ago, i started that thread in the first post here, that thus far, is holding
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    He should be looking at what everyone and their mother are saying/thinking; not everyone has a brother. Perhaps that's why he might be off a little....
  9. I would say the easy 'segment' guess would be an spx drop down to 1019, the 200 month avg

    your risk, your profit/your loss
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