Im calling it, I think Iraq will Suffer a TET offensive before the elections

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Aug 17, 2006.

Do you think the americans will suffer a tet offensive in iraq

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  1. Im calling it, I think iraq will suffer a tet offensive situation before the elections. A strike by the insurgents that will shake the faulty logic of everybody who still thinks the war in iraq is winnable and that the US is still winning. Just look at history, we are just in about the same stage in the vietnam war. where public opinion is shifting against the war, but it hasnt just quite turn. Here's the scenerio. The iraqi insurgents planned a coordinated attack. Striking at the green zone, and fighting in 4 key zones in iraq. Since the american forces are so thin in iraq, there would be no way to respond to a multi directional attack. there isnt. If anybody looks at the us numbers and their strategy, its their biggest flaw. They cant respond to big crisises in iraq. Thats why there pulling everybody out of zones. But those zones become hotbeds again.
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    Could mahram the pedophile answer this:

    We are always told a small minority of muslims are terrorists; but why are the majority of terrorists muslims?

  3. Because, according to the moonbats, the Jews are the majority of the oppressers.
  4. A small minority of muslims terrorists? Seems like the majority of them terrorize our communities by selling beer to minors at their 7-11's.