I'm buying calls

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  1. 1/22/09


    I'm so confident the market will surge I'm putting up $

    The only trade is to just watch and wait and put any more money on the sidelines into more calls. I sold off my stocks now. The near term move to 950 on the spy is too lucrative to pass up. I won't make serious money with individual stocks or enough to recover the losses on September and October from failing to take profits on MOS and others.

    Also this one

    85.00 SZCBG.X 2.85 Up 0.12 2.86 2.87 39,185 53,158

    wish me luck or failure

    EDIT post 9K w00t
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    buy my NIHD feb 25 calls pls.

  3. First real account trade? Congrats!
  4. this is a serious bet. If this fails then I'm really full of shit and deserve to find another hobby. If I'm so certain a big rebound is coming I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and take a risk. With the spooz off the 800 support and the dow off 8000 the timing of this seems good.
  5. Hopefully your right for the next hour, after who care.
  6. So far things are going better than expected. I'm ahead on all purchases, but obviously that can change very quickly (but I will succeed or else I wouldn't have done this).

    Anyway, I put in more money than I expected. I made the final purchase 30 minutes b4 the close and started 80 minutes before. So all I can do now is wait.

    With the Dow making yet another intraday high it's time to sing a song

    happy birthday to me

    happy birthday to me

    I'm going to make so much money

    happy birthday to me

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    Nice trade. How much money did you make?
  8. its paper money, this putz has zero money @ risk because he has none.
  9. Around $5K. This is a longer term trade though so I'm not selling. AAPL surging AH on huge earnings. This should help my calls.

    I've been wanting to go 'all in' like this for awhile and so far the trade is going superbly.

    Spy up 60 cents in AH



  10. Firstly, best of luck to you.

    Why not a spread or sell some puts? let some of that time work in your favor.

    What I dont like about this post and I hope for your sake its not true is your desire to 'go all in'. This is a sign that you want the action and not the money. You can not have both for very long. Being all in works every time but ONCE and then its game over.

    If you are all in I suggest that you not be ASAP and you manage your risk which is what your paid to do.(you don't want to get fired do you?)

    Being totally long is high risk at any time as the market can really fall fast when there is panic. Not like the confidence level is high to begin with. Of course in this market you could see the dow move up 1000 points tomorrow but again you have to manage the risk vs reward.

    Best of luck to you and your trade.
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