i'm bored

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  1. see thread title...
  2. maxpi


    It's your own fault. I'm bored and it's my fault too. I hate the fault thing
  3. How can you be bored? I have been up reading and watching charts for 28 out of the last 36 hours and I still feel like I did nothing..

    There are so many great journals here, it is your own damn fault to be bored here.
  4. Hey Matt, you mind pointing me to them...LOL
  5. i fear that you may have misinterpreted my post. i did not in any way mean to suggest that i was bored with ET (how could that even be possible?); simply bored with trading (or lack thereof) this afternoon. it's been sooo fun this week and then finally of course they had to ruin it and go and take the tape out behind the shed and beat it senseless til it was as flat and boring as a cheese sandwich with no cheese or bread....

    its just the letdown of it all; after yesterday was one of the most exciting days we've seen in a while.

    so i was bored. now i phele much betr thank U
  6. I do sincerely apologize. :)

    Please forgive me..

    it was a rather boring day

    but not in the forex world.. It never is :)
  7. $costave$'s is awesome!
  8. Its also your dam fault if you post this kind of content in the Trading forum.. Don't do it again.

  9. oops
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