I'm being to hate daytrading

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Joab, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Joab



    bad fills
    delayed stock openings
    platform outages and errors
    charting outages and errors
    cable outages
    computer issues
    Data costs
    charting costs


    What's really bothering me today is all of the companies that provide us with all this crap, treat us like dirt.

    I'm seriously considering only Swing Trading and I'm a profitable daytrader.

    It really is getting to be too much :mad:
  2. Joab



    Just read the title and realized the spelling error.

    Think I need a drink today (and i don't) :D :D :D
  3. Ah you caught it before the joke, nevermind. :)
  4. minmike


    All I can say is one word Futures

    I'v never dealt with 1-5
  5. Day trading stocks is a dying business. There are profitable traders still but it seems to be less and less successful ones each year. I think to do this now you have to have black box building skills.
  6. Who are you trading with?
  7. Joab


    I trade prop remote with Tuco.
  8. Never heard of them....now I know why.

    Best of luck to you.
  9. john12


    Lol i've been hearing for years there hydra platform is junk and always down. Go trade with a real firm like assent or echo who are rarely down. I'm trading 6-8 million shares a month on assents anvil remote and its second to none and rarely down.You get what you pay for
  10. Joab


    The platforms got issues that's for sure but I've found that after 4 prop shops and several charting and data services, there pretty much all the same crap.

    Just one problem or another.

    The point is that the business is really starting to suck and they all treat you like a punk even if your making them coin.

    Just getting fed up with all the lack of customer service in the business.

    When I was 23 ok but at 43 I'm getting fed up.
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