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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Completenewbee, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    Last time I was here, I was a complete newbie. I've been reading some of the best TA books and took free lessons with Danielc1.

    New problem: Information

    I get overwhelmed by the bunch of info out there on the net. Thanks to Danielc1 and my books, I know there is a lot of crap out there.

    I would like:
    1.to get market data (for free, hey... I'm a poor senior student)

    2.historical data to understand what major market we're in. (I know some of the past via books, but hey, what's the situation we're in NOW? I would like to narrow down my knowledge to a time frame of swing trader) I would say we're in a rally in a major bear market.

    3.to subscribe to free newsletters
    4.endorse my TA with simple fundamental info. Where can I get short fundamental reports? US stocks.

    That's a lot! Thanks guys! I hope to become one of the big guys soon.. :)

    Martijn from Belgium, Europe.
  2. "I would say we're in a rally in a major bear market."

    By who's definition?
    Just curious.



  3. As you can never be a 100% right, I would say, it's likely to be that way. I'm not going to get technical with you but I would say I THINK it's just a longer rally than first expected. Lesson one Danielc1 told me: never accept a tip from anyone and trust only your own idea. So..into the garbage with my idea. :)
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    Danielc1 is right, but you must also understand that you must consider time frame. You say you want to be a swing trader, if so then you should be considering the trend over the past few months (which has been bullish). It's all about time frame.
  5. We're in a rally of a correction of a major future bull market for 2008/2012 :D notwithstanding artificially retained inflation so fake bull for economy which should be the last gasp before everybody pays the price of lies.

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    harry thats a pretty long term model. Please tell me when to short the market and when to go long so I do not miss out.
  7. His question is about long term so I answered for long term :D
    Now I don't trade long term, I don't even trade daily scale only intraday scale because that's where my model is really acute.
    Now for short term see there:

  8. Completenewbee,

    Who do you trade with?

    You can use Quotetracker:

    with a variety of brokers, in which case the datafeed will be free for you. The software can be used for free or you can register it for $5 per month. Intraday charting is the strong point, but it does have full historical charts as well.