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Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipflopper, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Everyone is getting long here for final hour "Make Shorts Puke" fest?

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  2. FB123


    Could be. I wouldn't be surprised to see another jam into the close, or a sell-off... given that we are right at resistance on the daily chart. I called it this morning and said that we could hit 1062 to 1063 as resistance on the opposite daily uptrend line and that is exactly what happened. Wait and see which way it goes. If they push it up at the close today it will be REALLY overextended, especially if it gaps up tomorrow.

    Best to wait and see on this one.
  3. Nope.... best to buy. Just like you said earlier. Momentum takes time to stop. Especially on a day like today. ADD's Still at 1800+ with 40 minutes left.

    Only one way to go. Up!!!!
  4. FB123


    Not disputing that idea. Myself, I just watch the short-term time frames so I detect trends in the very early stages whichever way it goes. I don't really make directional bets at points like this... and while I wouldn't be the tiniest bit surprised to see a rally, I'm just more aware of the possibility for both sides at the moment. I would favor a push up more than a retreat at this point, though.
  5. According to my chart 1066.75 is the first target that will likely be hit today!!!
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  6. S2007S


    No need to assume, its a given FACT and a guarantee that they will jam it up into the close, they always do.
  7. FB123


    Pushing back up to 1062.75 now. We'll have to see a break of the daily high at 1063.75 with some volume before I'm convinced... right now it feels a bit weak. Volume needs to pick up...
  8. Mkt and Vix are out of whack, Id be skeptical going long now
  9. lol.... you know why????????????????????

    Cause funds are getting long and buying protection. That is outrageously bullish.
  10. I meant going long into the close, I'd be skeptical, not necessarily what it means on a longer frame.
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