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    It seems that this week has been full of death, with Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Micheal Jackson. I, however, am not one who has joined the dead this week.
    I don't really post very much on ET anymore, only when I'm bored and want to give TraderZone's something to do.
    Given the serious nature of the illness' that I have faught, and the fact that a lot of people on ET knew about it, I don't really find the "haha funny" angle in Forex-Forex's" thread. I'm not the owner, but I think he should be banned.
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    In the end all of our day's are numbered, this is something I have struggled with though. On three different occassions my family was told that they should be thinking about final arrangements, but I have thus far made it.

    According to the doctors there is about a 60% chance of my illness coming back in the next five years, and if it does my odds of making it are terrible. For a long time I thought about this a lot, but slowly I'm moving past it.

    Right now life is almost as good as it was bad at this time last year, something I never would have believed. I run my marketing business like a hedge fund in that I only get paid on results (typically 15% to 50% of the Net that I generate), and I've made more money already this year then I did any year aside from 2003 in my entire life. I've generated over $13million for other people's business so far this year, and at least 9 people are employeed because of me.

    On a more personal level I've also started to see a girl that I've been crazy about for a long time. She's been beside me the entire time I was ill, even after I had to sell all of my stuff and move back in with my mom and dad because of a combo of being sick and broke. In the end I never asked her out because I did not feel like I had the right to hurt someone like that, but what I didn't realize is that she'd already bought herself a ticket and was along for the ride anyway...she just felt bad that I'd not ever said anything to her.

    I finally did and I can say that I've never been happier.

    In addition to my own business activities, I've also been actively helping the Republican Party of Florida, they have been able to apply some of what I do with launching new products on the Internet, and use that for campaign fundraising.

    Aside from this new relationship, that is the most exciting thing going on in my life right now because it's a way that I can make a differnence. I really do want, when I die, to be able to say that my life was impactful, and not just to my own family and friends, but in a bigger way. I can't think of a way to have more impact...so right now my big thing is deciding if I'd like to more aggressively pursue this (and make a lot less money), or just kind of keep things where they are.

    For anyone who's life is not what they want it to be right now, the only thing I can say is just to hold onto hope coz you just never know.

  3. Thank goodness! I spent an hour looking up obits in every newspaper in Iowa!
  4. Great to hear! Had gut feeling that buttbag was spewing b.s. I tip a cold one to a long, illness free life! (I'm downing a Guinness as I type and am done trading for the week)
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    Glad to here it.
  6. Glad to hear that you are alive and well. I agree that forex-forex needs to be banned. Although this is an anynomous board, people need to have the minimum decency.
  7. That is good you feel happy Brandon. But it is strange that you respond to the other thread (after) a poster said he call the number on your website, and you are alive. Then you respond to the thread? That will make people question you. You are smart, and you would question that too, so you can not be upset with people for questioning to you.
    Good wishes to your health!
  8. Brandonf, as I recall, you had cancer. If not then you can ignore this post.

    Right now I'm reading Anti Cancer which is a book by a doctor who has a brain tumor.

    It has a lot of ideas to fight the disease with life style changes, as well as how to try and avoid it altogether.

    I think that it is a very worthwhile read for anyone, either sick or well.
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    Took me a minute to find his phonenumber and give him a call.... I thought he would know what's going on. :)

    Why would it be strange? I just posted faster than him, end of story... After all, he had to get over the news first...

  10. Because you are the only one poster on that thread with proof of Brandon is ok. Next post is Brandon. To me that is strange, but I wish Brandon good health.
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