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Discussion in 'Trading' started by trudd, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. trudd


    hello all I'm adrift in a sea of sharks, looking for a lifesaver.

    I'm so new at the trading scene, I'm not even sure what is means to sell short lol

    any and all links, info, directions, and help would be appreciated.

    TIA the ole' trudd
  2. Trudd:
    Start reading. Don't trade. Don't buy "seminars". If you have money to invest, put it away for the time being. Don't put it at risk. For reading material, look up bobbrinker.com. They have a reading list. Start reading those books and listen to his radio show. If you don't know the vocabulary, start with a book called "Wall Street Words" by David Scott. Good luck.
  3. If you don't know what short sell means, i can say you
    are one lucky dude to find out about ET.

    I had lost $32k before i found ET, but i knew what Short
    selling meant.

    I belive for newbies worthe 50$ per month to have access
    to ET forum, it's still free today. but I won't pay for it today.

  4. What?

    You believe ET would be worth $50/month to newbies? But you wouldn't pay for it? I am trying to guess what you mean here - there is the possiblity of multiple messages/opinions.

    IMO - ET doesn't have the signal to noise ratio that would make it worthwhile as a pay for access site - so I agree with the final idea you presented. I would agree with you that newbies SHOULD take advantage of the tremendous amount of knowledge and experience contained amongst the seemingly endless posting of pure crap. The best way for a newbie to be able to distinguish between the true value adding content and the bravado, the foolishness, and endless stupidity would be to read some of the more accepted, quality books on trading and then supplement topics by doing searches here on ET. Hopefully, by reading the better authors or trading magazines, the newbie will be able to discern between posts and get some real direction before they go put their capital at risk.
  5. Should you decide to start trading now, feel free to PM me, and I'll send you my account details for a wire transfer.

    As a trader saying goes: "Don't trade, give me half your money now and I kick you where the sun don't shine, and by the time you would have lost all your money trading, it wouldn't hurt nearly as much and you'd still have half your money left."

    Sorry, - I wish you best of luck in your endeavour, and hope you'll do your due diligence for a couple of years, put some serious time in and don't put any real money on the line before you're getting really good at it. There are some seriously good simulators out there. Just don't kid yourself thinking you can get into the arena now. Imagine becoming a combat pilot. Trading can be a similar experience, with similar discipline, time and training required to not only survive (!) but even succeed...

    It may be the biggest challenge you'll ever take on in your life.

  6. trudd


    I have a good friend who day trades, he sent me here. I'm going to be reading quite a bit, and it will be a while before I work up the gumption to invest :cool:
  7. Hi, I am a sponge too, sucking bargains at low, pushing out for profit at high. Nice meeting you.

  8. trudd


    thanks Steve! the first thing we're doing is putting away 6 months of household expenses. after that we'll see. I'm going to read a few books starting with the one by david scott you suggested.
  9. jump right in the waters fine nothing to worry about you're amongst friends ..BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! :D

  10. before you start--read "WINNER TAKE ALL" by gallacher, 'FOOLED BY RANDOMNESS' by taleb and 'EDUCATION OF A SPECULATOR" by niederhoffer.

    these tomes will provide you excellent background before you begin and even help you decide if you want to play the game.

    all the best on your journey,

    surfer :) :)
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