"I'm a scalper!!!"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bungrider, Jun 7, 2002.

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  1. sound familiar? as if there weren't enough irritating commercials on BTV...they must have some kind of quota...
  2. clarkie


    Unfortunately, the price a trader must pay for watching commercials is the constant flow of annoying commercials. I mute most of them then miss the information I need to hear. With all the technology available, the advertisers and TV stations should do better.:mad:

  3. I have been known to say, 'Help me, I'm a scalper!'

    Or, "Hi, I'm Chasinfla. I'm a s--s--s---s--a---sssscc-c-c-calp-p-p-er."
  4. alanm


    And for those of us that are forced to watch CNBC, we get to listen to the bozo in the Brown commercial say that he uses options to "edge" the risks in his portfolio, a zillion times a day. This from a broker that has this elitist "we're for experienced traders only" attitude.

    Somebody please teach them the difference between "edge" and "hedge" :-(
  5. I don't have to watch cnbc anymore (being remote has it's advantages). When I did though, there was the one with the guy that says, 'Do I <i>look</i> like a guy that needs lower rates?....Hey, I asked you a question!'

    That one was a hoot.

    what, isn't the html working anymore?
  6. Babak


    use [] instead of <>
  7. If something big is going on in the markets I flip to it.

    And I must say that the comercial I hate the most is the one for TDwaterhouse, where that dying old man talks like he is about to catch heart attack telling evryone that td is not a cristal ball.

    That and the one from Brown &co.

  8. Thanks.
  9. Rigel


    I like the one where the guy says that his new broker is so good that he actually gets filled sometimes at better than his limit price and how that never happened with his old broker.
  10. LOL....I just saw the barron's commercial where they say that barron's "has the power to move markets..."

    I think a better word would be "manipulate."

    Seriously, how many times have you gotten fucked because some schmuck at barron's or wsj decided to write a book report on a stock? Their articles couldn't be more speculative...."I think ABC sucks because they are closing down a refinery in blah blah blah..." or "...the prices of crude this summer will almost certainly go lower because blah blah blah..." when the reality is that arabs hate the US right now so the smart money says OPEC will tighten over the summer and energy demand almost always skyrockets over the summer anyway...it's annoying if you already have a position and they fuck it up with their .02, but great when they tank a great stock and you can get it cheap from all the suckers and panic sellers...reading their shit is like 2nd grade all over again...
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