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  1. It's gotten this bad. Democrats won't even say they're democrats and are needing to identify themselves with racist, homophobic, islamaphobic, evil, rich, white republicans.

    Hey, Dems: Who’s Self-Loathing Now?
    Posted by Lori Ziganto
    Saturday, September 18th at 10:38PM EDT

    Oh, the sweet, sweet irony. As a party, Democrats are always quick to throw the “gender traitor” or the “self-loathing” label at a person whom they deem should be walking in lock-step with them. They box people up into special interest groups and if you dare wander off the leftist plantation with thoughts of your own, it can only be explained by insanity or self-hatred. Now, however, it appears as if they are the ones who are rather self-loathing. Or, at least, totally embarrassed and ashamed of having a D next to their name, as evidenced by a new ad campaign for Democrat Harry Mitchell. The ad touts Republicans only who have endorsed Mitchell.

    It’s funny that one would want the support of Republicans, isn’t it? Because, racism. Also, George W. Bush. I mean, aren’t we violence fomenting h8rs and stuff? Totally cuckoo pants and off the rails?

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    Almost as slick as their super cool new logo.
  2. Hey dummy, the KKK are a bunch of Democrats, and the richest Congressmen & Senators are Democrats. [​IMG]
  3. Hello


    He was being sarcastic.
  4. If he was being sarcastic, I apologize. [​IMG]
  5. Indeed, sarcastic.

    However these are names our media has called all those opponents of Obama which is what makes this all the better.
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    "Here is video of a new ad by Democrat Rep. Chet Edwards, who is trying to hang onto his Texas CD-17 seat by running away from President Obama and Nancy Pelosi. This ad is a striking example of how Democrats are trying to pass themselves off as conservatives to stave off defeat in November."

    Notice how the add has no mention of him being a democrat.