I'm a remote futures algo trader seeking backing/prop firm

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by elcowen, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. elcowen


    I'm a futures algo trader with several strategies that need backing. I can send backtests and other numbers or whatever is needed. Excellent profit factors, PnL and all strategies have tight risk management. Intraday US trades only, but can work on other exchanges.

    Does anyone know any firms that allows remote algo trading?

    Thank you
  2. RDK91


    Do you only have backtest or also live results?
    Most serious firms will probably require some substantial period of live results.
  3. Robert Morse

    Robert Morse Sponsor

    Track record real or backtesting?
    What size allocation are you looking for?
    Would you consider an investor or only a prop firm?

  4. elcowen


    1) highly backtested with walk forward analysis (hard to trade with small account size now)
    2) Depends on if there's one or multiple backers ($10k - $500k??)
    3) Would consider anything
  5. Robert Morse

    Robert Morse Sponsor

    Honestly, I have found that with the small group of wealthy investors I have access to, getting an allaoction with out real trading is very hard. You would have to show that you have something very different like a unique data set. If you want, you can email me with details of what you have done, I do not need or want to know the trigger points for trading, but I will need a general description of your strategy with a Bio. Yes, the Bio is important to them.

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  6. elcowen


    Just emailed you Bob. Thanks
  7. chris500


    You left out very important details that will determine if you're going to make money or not live trading.

    Are you using an anchored or rolling walk forward window.

    Assuming you're using a rolling window, how many rolling windows did you walk forward your strategy? Ideally you want at least 20-30 windows. That's because strategies go in and out of profitability depending on market conditions and other variables.

    Finally do you have a single strategy or multiple strategies. Ideally you want a minimum of 2 strategies that are uncorrelated before going live. This way any potential account blowups are not spectacular, just gradual.
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  8. 2rosy


    usually an interested party will want to know your strategy and backtest it themselves. So, a person could just come up with strategies that sound feasible, ignore the testing part, and get the interested party to test.
  9. sle


    Send me a pm, pls
  10. fan27


    Say, for example, you had an intra-day strategy that averaged 75 trades per year and you had data going back to the year 2000. How would you construct your rolling windows? Would they overlap?

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