I'm a democrat, but let's vote out Obama

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  1. He's too arrogant. Let's remind him that he works for US
  2. I was a Democrat at one time too.. mostly because my parents were and told me to be the same.

    When I started thinking for myself, I VEHEMENTLY REJECTED the Democrats and became a Libertarian.
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    Good for you. A thinking mans democrat, you don't see that every day.
  4. Same here. Brainwashed by my parents. LOL. My parents were Dems. They were led to believe Democrats were in support of the middle class. Another LOL. Then we all started thinking a little bit. The other choice or party was the Republicans. That didn't last long.

    For a decade or two I had fleeting moments of hope from Republicans-just empty words. Republicans are no different than Democrats.

    A long history of abuses...
    The destruction of property...

    As the socialist destruction by both parties accelerates, as this country moves further from its intended purpose, I'm thinking more of 1776.
  5. That leaves you an anarchist.
    Move to Seattle and torch some cars.
  6. How do you infer that or was it sarcasm?
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    Most of us were Democrats when we were young, arrogant and thought we would live forever.

    Then, along the road of life reality sets in and we become adults and abandoned the naive ways of children.
  8. I think it was Winston Churchill who said, If you're not a liberal in your twenties, you don't have a heart. If you're not a conservative by thirty, you don't have a brain. [​IMG]
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    And just what clown do you suggest be elected?
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    If after 30 all you have left is a brain, you are a monster.
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