I'm a Christian Catholic...

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  1. I do not steal from others, because I only use limit orders for entering trades, and also for exiting profitable positions. I only use market orders sometimes when exiting losing positions (when others are stealing funds from me, to prevent them from stealing more).

    I regard my winnings as donations by others that attempt to steal from me haphazardly, but are unable.

    I do not have anything against others that believe in other, inferior religions.
  2. " I'm a Christian Catholic..."

    are you ever embarrassed to be so gullible?
  3. So Christian Catholics constitute donors and donees in the market but everyone else is either a thief or a willing victim.

    All those Priest pedophiles I suppose were nothing more than sperm donors.
  4. Didn't you say you were Christian Catholic for 50 years before you became atheist? If being a Christian Catholic makes you gullible, you've likely been gullible for more of your life than all of us in here.
  5. nope. never was a catholic. only been in a catholic church a couple of times in my life and that was for someones funeral.
  6. Catholics are Christians, btw.
  7. pspr


    No!! How did you figure that one out, Einstein?