I'm a buyer friday !!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by abra trader, Mar 7, 2003.

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    That doesnt even make sense......I will make a call and when it happens I will be right also....:confused:
  2. A broken clock is right twice a day
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    Oh great favot.....now what do you predict in that crystal ball of yours?????

    I predict that today the market will go up and down.
    That I will lose and make money.
    That if I grew balls, I would be king.:D
  4. "I'm a buyer on friday" DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND ?????

    that's pretty crystal clear, unwavering. Now why can't you rocket scientists see a clear call like that?
  5. i trade a mechanical short squeeze system that only shows trades roughly 4 times a month. got the signal this morning, entry at 817.00, so im long since then. will exit at end of day or if market makes new low below 809.00 (low of day so far)

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    why don't you open up a website and sell signals? may I suggest longboy.com?

    Your mascot could be a stickwoman shaking her booty.
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    Ok, so you are right today.
    Good for you.
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  9. you canadian wimp. canada is anti-US, as you can see.

    I ADMITTED I WAS wrong on that call, hence, your repetition of me saying "I'm wrong!".

    I was not wrong saying "I'm a buyer friday" Very right, actually.

    So what's the flip flop, I got a call right, and a call wrong. And I was man enough to admit I was wrong.

    You are such a loser, babark, you powerful message board moderator.

    babark, how many pubblications have your ideas been recognized in???? (bet I get no answer on that)
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