I'm a buyer friday

Discussion in 'Politics' started by abra trader, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. God bless George W.

    A great president with backbone, he'll send this market soaring when we eliminate the threat of iraq, and capture bin laden. Might all come in March as well!!!

  2. Based on your previous predictions, I'm selling. What are you bidding?
  3. bobcathy1

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    Bob is short ES friday.
    Cathy is long ES friday.

    This is not a good thing since we trade out of the same account!:D :D
  4. how many predictions have I gotten wrong? I made one, and I still hold to it.

    actually, since i'm a short seller by trade, when I say "buy", I actually mean "don't trade".

    In general, I'm looking at advertising and tobacco to drop, so if you want to be contrary, buy those.

  5. sure......especially when the real reasons behind this are others.........
  6. what you saying manhattan?
  7. qdz2


    he prays for his country everyday not just for the interest of himself or his groups. that's what I heard.

  8. 1 word = OIL
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    Look at ES move around like it is daylight.......tradeable stuff.
  10. does NOT live in manhattan. Why mislead us like this?

    If you lived here, you would remember 9/11.

    It has nothing to do with oil, and everything to do with stopping chemical/biological warfare against the US and allies (Israel etc) in the near future.

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