I'm 18, where should I start

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    I'm 18, have worked a lot, saved money, and want to invest it. Put yourself in my shoes, what should I do first?

    Some people have suggested I join something like eTrade and go from there. (obviously). But, by question to you is which stocks should I invest in. I was kind of thinking about GE, have read a bit about it and found mixed reviews.

    Any advice is helpful. thank you very much.

  2. Wells Fargo Bank is a good investment. Warren Buffet likes it. Research the fundamentals and make a decision, but be quick it may have just scraped bottom this week. May go lower I don't know, I'd say it's a safe investment around this level if you are patient and wait for the economy to recover. Don't take my word for it, though. DO YOUR RESEARCH.
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  4. Study and master Point & Figure Charting (after you've finished your date :D).

    It will teach you how to think and give you the framework and structure you will need to be able to invest or trade any instruement successfully.

    Point and Figure Charting Course
  5. The mere fact you come to a message board to ask what stocks to invest in is a red flag for yourself. Keep your money in a savings account and figure how HOW you want to invest and WHAT to invest in. Do your homework.
  6. Buy some SPX variance swaps and sell some SPX puts.
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    if you are 18 and have saved most of your income...you my friend do not need any advice....it does not matter "where" and "how", as you have "when" on your side...just cost avg into the market and balance it out and just keep plugging away....buy this book "the millionaire next door" peace
  8. Buy stocks that I recommend like Visa and MOS and hold them for awhile
  9. Keep saving and marry into a rich family when the time comes.
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    By getting laid for the first time so you will know how it feels to get screwed.
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