Illuminati exists - Satan exists - Christianity is the real truth

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  1. A Christian prophet has been speaking at our church for 3 days.

    He gives a first-hand account of the real existence of the Illuminati. He met a highly successful businessman in Indonesia who became rich due to his connections to the president.

    After the businessman heard the Christian prophet preach, he confessed to him that because of his educational background and success in industry, the Illuminati approached him and offered him $20 million to join their group (this is how the Illuminati recruits). In return, he must pledge undying devotion to the group. He said a satanic 'hex' was placed on him so he would be killed if he ever tried to leave the group. At the time, he accepted.

    He told the Christian prophet: 'I really want to believe in Jesus, but if I believe and leave the Illuminati, then I will get killed.'

    After further talk, the businessman accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

    2 months later, he was involved in a terrible car crash (due to the satanic hex placed on him)

    He was in a coma for 2 months.

    My Christian Prophet came to visit him and the spirit of the Lord was in him and God used the Christian prophet to completely heal the businessman.

    Now the businessman is 'free' from the Illuminati and is spreading the Gospel.

    Ok - let the flames begin, yeah yeah I am making this up, yeah yeah the Christian prophet is just BSing
  2. TGregg


    What? No mention of Elvis? No Area 51? No Bigfoot? No mention of the Grays (or is it Greys)?

    You gotta admit, that's one of the weaker nutjob stories posted on this board. You'll need some more spice if you plan to get any real attention. Maybe a couple of guys who lined the WTC with explosives also realized the error of their ways. Yeah, that's the ticket. And it happened after Elvis sang to them aboard a spaceship piloted by Bigfoot! Now they plan to free America from the cold hard grip of the Federal Reserve! Yeah!

    Oooo, now we're talkin'!
  3. Bickz


    Your post is a testament to your confusion and lack of understanding. I guess that's the 'good' part about racism -- it's easy to figure out who to hate. You don't even know who you're trying to mock.
  4. TGregg


    You are easily confused. That post wasn't racist. Perhaps an education from your neighborhood elementary school would be of assistance.
  5. Bickz


    Ha ha ha ha. Unreal.

    That was an example to illustrate my point, oh unconfused one.
  6. Just ignore that racist man Bickz. His type feeds off the attention we give to his racism. I have read some of his comments and, to say the least, he is one sick dude.
  7. What in the hell??? What part of that post was racist??

    Good gracious. How bizarre to realize that when we walk down the street we are probably walking right past these people every day and since they appear normal, we can't know they're whackjobs.

  8. Quite seriously, this thought often occurs to me when reading posts at ET written by the usual suspects. I just hope against hope that there is a higher concentration of them here than in the real world.
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    If all else fails, divert from the subject.

    I have already addressed this. If you really couldn't understand the meaning of my post, or refuse to do so, then it only reinforces my point.

    But for those who seem to be a little thick, let me reiterate.

    TGregg was putting people of faith and 'conspiracy nut whack jobs' in the same category together. Now I'm not sure if it's really just individuals TGregg hates, or conspiracy theorists, or both -- but either way one is not always the other as he tried to portray them to be. And my example of racism is that in racism its easy to categorize somebody by their color, but it's not as clear cut as TGregg wants to make it in hating religion and religious people. I was not saying that TGregg's comment was racist, as some rather dim individuals seem to believe. I was merely using it as an example to make a point.
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    Is amazing to me how fast you guys can spin off into a raging mob mentality over a simple misunderstanding on your own part. It shows a definite lack of character.
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