Illinois Rep. Mike Bost (R) goes ballistic and explodes on House floor.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Grandluxe, May 30, 2012.

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    Illinois State Rep. Mike Bost Goes on Tirade Over Pension Bill, Screams That Dems Should Be ‘Ashamed’ of Themselves

    FINALLY, Illinois State Representative Mike Bost has finally had enough of politics as usual in the State of Illinois and wants to know why they don't READ THE BILL.

    Bost erupted on the House floor Tuesday afternoon, after Mike Madigan and the party leadership called for a vote on a new pension reform proposal.

    House Speaker Mike Madigan had only introduced the bill that same morning. It passed on a six to three vote and moved to the House floor for discussion within a couple of hours.

    He said that the bill shifts the burden of the state’s $83 billion worth of unfunded pension liabilities to taxpayers, “instead of taking care of the real issue which is trying to reform the system so that it works sensibly and also meets its obligations.”

    The bill is hundreds of pages long, and Bost says lawmakers should not be voting on a proposal without first reading it.
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    Nice. This Country is about 4 years out from Greece. That Illinois shifted the unfunded pension liability to taxpayers is a joke. None of these paper promises get honored. The Fed will monetize State liabilities, and the dollar implodes soon after. It's all deck chairs on the Titanic. And these smug mutherfuckers in the State House thinking they're so savvy or whatever. Like that dumb bitch smirking behind the dude going off. She has no idea. Carpetbaggers like that will be our downfall. And we voted for them. Because we're fucking idiots.
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  4. So many angry republicans these days :( That guy reminds me of some republican ET posters

    Anger and stress is not good for your health
  5. achilles28


    Tell that to the Greeks, Spanish and Italians who are months, if not weeks away, from a collapse. Repudiating 2 decades worth of living standards: "Don't worry. Be Happy." Shall we all hold hands in a circle next, and sing cum-bye-yah?
  6. I've been hearing about a Greece, US ,other countries collapse for years...blah blah blah

    Just curious,what exactly is going to happen when these countries collapse and when will it happen ?

    My prediction is Greece ,Italy nor Spain will collapse in the coming weeks or months
  7. achilles28


    You're opinion doesn't hold that much weight, unfortunately. Europe and the US are headed for something north of a 25% GDP contraction. I know you've sneezed through bigger collapses, but to the rest of us - especially the poor (that Liberals pretend to care so much about) - it will be a raping of a lifetime...

    The political upheaval to all this, is something else entirely. And to be honest, scares me the most. Think the New Deal on steroids. The end of capitalism in America. Government take over of the economy to "put food on the table". Goodbye Constitution....
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    From what I see happening in Greece these days, I would not be saying 'blah blah blah', unless of course I was hard core leftist and thought it will bring my kind of place
  9. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    It's good that you're addressing the issue or refuting what he was talking about rather than simply being

  10. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    This is because you have no understanding of economics whatsoever. Have you taken a good look at what life inside Greece is like right now? Of course you haven't.
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