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  1. I was recently accepted into IIT to do a masters in thier Financial Markets program. Are there any IIT grads here from this program? Or just anyone that went to IIT in general? I am looking for some insider info... :)

    Is it a worthwhile school to attend? Where should I live...etc. Please PM me, I have a few questions for you!

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    I'm looking at I of U-C for Masters in Finance. I'll be close!
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    Great school. And great faculty. Do yourself a favor and sign up for every class taught by Russell Volcyk (sp). He use to be one of the largest bond option traders in London for Solly. Former Bell Labs quant. Super bright guy. He teaches a few of the classes there on options. I know him and a few of his students. There are some really bright kids at that school and they get placed at great trading firms. Also the guy that started Ronin Capital is a prof there. You couldn't have picked a better school. Good luck.
  4. This is the kind of info I was looking for, thank you! I will definately keep that name in mind.
  5. I applied and was accepted to that school along with Claremont graduate U. I'm not sure what your preference is, but the UIUC ciriculum just didn't seem as math intensive as the others... It seemed like an excellent program and UIUC reputation overall (in engineering, and business, etc...) is wayyy better than the other two schools, but I'm more interested in learning exactly what I want to learn, the degree is just an added bonus. Good luck to ya!
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    That was exactly my thoughts. It didn't seem to emphasis math, at least in any specific courses. Although advanced math is needed in some of the courses (assuming from the titles), It would appear to be integrated into the courses. Sort of like applied calculus I & II are to Cacluls I & II.

    Thanks, I am a sophomore right now, junior in credits, so it'll be a few years, but good luck to you as well!