Illinois cutting school down to 4 days?

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  1. In a desperate attempt to cut costs, some Illinois schools may only keep their doors open four days a week next year.

    The State House voted overwhelmingly to pass a bill that would allow local school districts to opt for the four-day week. The measure was carried by a vote of 81-21, and now heads to the Senate

    This is total BS that it is even being proposed let alone passed and heading to the senate. Illinois is cutting deficits by short changing kids out of their education. Makes no sense... This is a disaster in the making... Parents are going to end up leaving their 7 year old 's home alone and go to work.

    What happened to all of the lottery proceeds?
  2. And once again someone on this site has failed to actually read the article they're in an uproar about.

    "Students would still have to receive the state-required number of instructional hours in a school year"

    "Students would still have to receive the state-required number of instructional hours in a school year"

    "Students would still have to receive the state-required number of instructional hours in a school year"
  3. They're doing it in Florida already. Probably other places too.

    The above link says it all.

    And as much as I enjoyed trading and living in Chicago....let the Progressives rot in their own shit and shut the schools down. Why not, the kids are being dumb down by the education system in public schools, so lets give them 4 days. Because WE ARE BROKE!.... but keep the unions?

    I say bring on the Class Warfare. Plenty of guns where I am at. The state I live in now is a strong state, with one of the strongest economies and one of the strongest state constitutions in the lower 48.

    So, while the Progressive's in this country suffer, as did the people who voted for the "COMMON GOOD" in Atlas Shruggs, so the wealthy will find new ways to prosper, to find new ways to defend themselves and could very well close up shop and retire.

    The pressure is building much like a valcano. Nov, if the Progressives loose big, and the old incumbents on both sides loose big, then maybe we will not see blood in the streets. We will see change brought about by ideas, wisdom and discourse.

    However, if things do not change, and change fast....the Republic Of Texas will stand while the rest of the country falls into chaos.
    If you think otherwise...i wish you well as you live in the make believe world of "Don't Worry, be Happy".
  5. So fewer, longer day. It's like working 4x10 hr shifts vs. 5x8 hr shifts.

    Why are we trying to save money on education? It's the only thing we could possibly spend money on that will guarantee reap rewards.

    This is it ladies and gentlemen; the beginning of the end. I've said it before and I'll say it again: not all of us are blind to decline of the US right now while it is happening.

    Health care? Spending my money on sick people does not make this country a better place.

    Unemployment benefits? Gifting my money to people who can't find a job does not make this country a better place.

    Bank bailouts? Sending my money to rich bankers does not make this country a better place.

    Education? Investing my money in the next generation DOES make this country a better place.

    It's like people just don't even care anymore.. :(
  6. Two points:

    1.) The f'ing asshole bureauRats/politicians are baiting the public. These fuckers think that if they can tell the people that they are "screwing over" the kids, that the general public will cave in to new and more aggressive taxes to pay for the schools' "extended" hours.

    2.) I say - "Fuck the bureauRats!!!" I think if the kids could get a day of homeschooling - they would be better off than the horseshit they will "learn" from the NEA "driven" droids! Hell, any day away from the NEA droids will be better than "schooling" for the day at these schools!

  7. clacy


    I say the less time in these liberal indoctrination camps the better for the kids.

    Although it sounds like this will be a net wash in hours.
  8. Question is, how fast will the country fall if NOV. Elections do not give the shot heard around the world? IE: Getting the Dems and Sorry ass Republican incumbents who have no balls out?

    Schools cutting back to 4 days but extended hours?

    It isn't the time in schools, it is what they are teaching.

    Just think, in the last year and few months.

    About 80% of home mortgages are controlled by the Gov.

    GM is now owned by the gov.

    The bailout for the banks, giving Gov. more controll.

    Student loans controlled by the Gov, or close to now.

    Health Care 100% controlled by the Gov.

    Do I need to say more?

    This has come so fast and furious by the time most wake will be to late.
  9. Just do away with public schools altogether and give people their property taxes back.

    I don't understand why education is a right, anyway. They steal from all of us and produce dumber children? That is really, really absurd.
  10. many states are going to 4 day school days and cutting tons of services and employees. i blame wall street for all our woes. the stk mkt goes up daily while the real world is suffering like never before. i predict socal unrest in the next 2 yrs as the gap between the elite and ordinary guy on the street is the widest ever
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