Illegals lobbying for healthcare

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, Jun 4, 2013.

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    This commercial is on nearly every day on the radio. They call themselves "Undocumented" but really they are here illegally. In the video they call America "OUR" country, but its not theirs. They say they work hard, well why dont they go work hard in THEIR country?

    Some of you may think that because most of these kids are just the kids of someone who came here illegally, they shouldnt be punished by being forced to go back to their parents country. Well lets test that logic in another very similar situation.

    Lets say you are rich and one day a man breaks into your home and steals $1 million in cash out of your safe. He gets away and later has kids who grow up and inherit that $1 million. Of course over the years some of that money has got spent and there is $500k left.

    Now...should that kid have to give YOU back the $500k they have left? It certainly doesn't seen fair to the kid who didnt actually steal the money, right? But of course the kid should have to give it back. The money was never theirs. They got to enjoy alot of the money, but that money was gotten illegally. It was NEVER theirs, I dont care that it was their parents that gave it to them. They have to give it back.

    And thats why they have to go back to their respective countries. Don't look at it like our GOVERNMENT is doing this to them. Look at it like their own PARENTS did this to them by breaking the law and trying to get away with something.
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    Unfortunately when enough "undocumented" *cough,gasp* workers are allowed to vote, then they can pretty much, vote in, what ever they want...... to make it even worse, this "undocumented" voter base is being patronized and catered too in an effort to win their "undocumented" vote.

    Face it Peil, this country is fubar from the top down.
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    Telling them to go back is like telling the roaches to leave your house. Not that I think they are roaches but it is probably the only analogy a feeble mind like yours can absorb.

    Withhold the crumbs. Stop hiring them. Institute harsh penalties for hiring illegal labor. Really, really harsh penalties, like 10 years minimum for employing illegals.

    Start putting good (mostly) law abiding white people in prison for avoiding paying employment taxes and exploiting cheap labor at the expense of our country.

    I bet if we instituted a policy of punishing Americans for abetting illegals that in a few years so many stupid people like you will be behind bars and we'll have to grant employment VISAs to Mexicans to staff the burgeoning prison system.

    What irony. Here's a glimpse of your future:

    "peilthetraboler, ju ain't goin noplace man. Ju gonna pick dat sheet up motherfucker or I keeck de sheeeeeeeeeet outju hawnkey ass. Ju my beetch. Fuck ju wife too"
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    Set one of those hotels up on the White House lawn and one in the halls of Congress. :D
  6. How the fuck did I end up in a Jamaican jail?
  7. Liberals couldn't care less about some little girl dying because some idiotic reg keeps her from getting a lung transplant or the IRS shredding the Constitution, but they get all teary eyed over a bunch of illegal immigrants.

    I'm sure it is tough on some of these kids, but they have their parents to thank for that. Name me one country in the entire world where you could move there illegally and your kids could demand to be treated like citizens. In fact, as far as I know, this is the only country where your can sneak in , have a baby and the baby gets citizenship. You can thank the 14th Amendment, drafted by a bunch of drunken republicans after the Civil War in an attempt to punish the South and passed at gun barrel.

    And let's face it. For every bright-eyed smiling young immigrant girl who only wants to live the American dream, there are ten gangbangers, drug dealers,welfare leeches, rabid hispanic activists and career criminals.
  8. I'd rather America be more like N. Korea regarding illegals. "Step foot on our soil, and you'll be lucky to escape being SHOT".

    America does not "NEED" more and more free-loading, parasitic, illegals... in fact, the more we have, the more we are harmed.

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    I still say we should mine the southern border.