Illegals are criminals

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  1. yet,

    illegals are granted SS benefits...which they dont pay into.

    illegals are granted college tuition..which most likely will never be recouped and should be saved for citizens.

    illegals are granted home in the hell can you buy a home when you are a illegal alien(criminal) and have no reportable income?

    illegals are granted driver drive to jobs they get paid cash for and dont pay taxes from.

    illegals are granted health care..I pay 900.00 a month for my 2 person family.

    illegals DONT pay taxes.....The rest of us do.

    illegals are making me resent them and the government more and more everyday. And i`m not the only one.

    illegals are making me xenophobic. And i`m afraid i`m not the one.

    Why are we catering to criminals? What went wrong? And how can it be seems that the spicket is open and cant be closed.
  2. One word:


    Two words:

    The Congress.

    Three words:

    Greedy Business Owners


  3. It is really a sad state of affairs. I`m doubtful things will change with a new administration. The USA needs a fresh start..not new puppets taking office. A new attitude is in store for change. One for the people....
  4. It will take a strong populist candidate.

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  6. Thanks for this post.

    One study showed that illegals do pay taxes, ABOUT 37$ PER ALIEN, PER YEAR . . .

    I too doubt that any change in an administration would do much more than screw the legal American citizens even more. Both parties are spineless when it comes to this issue, such a shame . . .
  7. I guess you are looking at something like this"taxes paid by illegal aliens"

    THe attached charts is from one of the studies critical of illegal immigration, and it shows that the taxes paid by illegal aliens are higher than the other study.

    They are still a financial burden, nonetheless according to the referenced article.

    On the other side, "However, the available numbers for illegal immigrants, while spotty, do not show a negative economic effect. A 1995 Cato Institute study found that illegal immigrants paid approximately 46 percent as much in taxes as American-born citizens, but they received only 38 percent as much from the government. "

    Anyway, I am not sure what to believe. I guess it depends on what is one's perception of this problem.
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  9. Firstly, what's so aweful about negative demographics? (Apart from the fact that it encourages idiots to scream for immigration.) Isn't the world populated enough? A demographic decline ought to be welcomed.

    Secondly, no, America-as-you-know-it is not being 'replaced'. It's being transformed. Any boomer going to a highschool reunion in California could tell you that he feels like he's visiting a foreign country.
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    The question was asked and the answer was given. I am not advocating for more imm but the above reasons are the operant ones going AFAIK.

    I am in favor of allowing/encouraging the hoi polloi to check out early and decrease the population thru smoking, drinking, drugs, no helmets or seatbelts no speed limits unlimited gun ownership and free ammo, etc.:D
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