illegal trading strategies

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  1. What are some illegal stock or emini trading strategies that the average trader should be aware of. My small list below.

    1. rebate trading

    2. wash trade

    3. front running

    Anybody other ones?
  2. There is something with going long and short in the same instrument, at the same time in Futures, in diffferent accounts...
  3. Most of what's illegal can't be done by you guys (retail) so don't worry about it.
  4. Surdo


    You forgot about shorting without borrowing the stock!
    How about "creating" a plus tick as well.

    While I am here, crossing stock without a beneficial change of ownership for various reasons. (Painting the tape)
  5. Surdo


    Miss Savant,

    Why can't I be on opposite sides in a Futures instrument?
    I trade several strategies, and have several accounts.
    I have crossed with myself on various occasions.
    Why can't I close a Short in one account going long in another simultaneously? What rule is that breaking?
  6. Gay Surdo,

    I really do not know.

    But there seemed to be an issue.

    Wifey is not available just now and why would you be addressing her?

    Men do not talk to each other this way...

    Michael B.
  7. I think Ray of Ninja Trader said you could technically do that, although I have no desire to at this point.
  8. The Surdo,


    Can I help you?

  9. He wasn't talking about stocks. He said futures. There is no short sale uptick rule or short sale borrowing rules with emini futures. It's different than stocks. All you do is click the short button and you are short. No need to borrow from nobody, no need to wait for uptick rule, etc...
  10. Why do that? Why not just click on "reverse" and reverse your order?

    I'm sure there is a strategy or reason to having two seperate accounts and trade the same contract, but I don't see it.

    You can't be on both sides of the contract at the same time with Strategy Runners futures emini trading software. I tried with their paper trading account. It doesn't work. (strategy runner lied to me and told me that I can do this. I tried for myself. They lied. Some guy on the phone with a foreign accent - he was clueless).
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