illegal to trade Forex through UK FX broker from US as US citizen?

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  1. is it illegal (according to US law) to trade Forex through UK FX broker from US as a US citizen?

    Got a notice from my Forex broker that my account will be going to their UK branch...either I do nothing and my account transfers over to their UK account or I must tell them I want to close and go on my way...Questions:

    I live in the USA....

    #1-is it illegal (per US law) for me to trade spot Forex on a UK fx brokerage while I am a US citizen trading from the US?

    #2-if not illegal, would I have to pay taxes on profits to both the IRS/US and to UK revenue authority?

    #3-my account would transfer over to a UK fx broker (non NFA/US) would only be regulated by FSA/UK

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    No problems and no extra tax. Until NFA catches wind of the loophole and does something to close it.

    FSA is reputable.
  3. wow...thanks...