illegal Short Sellers may face RICO.......

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  1. What about the subprime "profits" that where all based on fraud?

    Jail-time and disgorgement of booty?
  2. Are you really the CEO of I saw that in an earlier post. Overstock is up 5% today btw.:)
  3. Yeah. I have a half billion dollars, so I gave up the chicks, booze and world travel to hang here.
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    Anyone connected with Herb Greenberg, supershill.
  5. Herb has been banished from CNBC. Think those guys are worried?

    Much to come about Herb. It's going to be fun. I'm a real prick, and I love payback.
  6. either broker/market makers comply with regulations or they lose their brokerage license.

    no license no business.

    trading securities is not a right but privilege

    got to laugh at market participants complaining about restrictions on trading on the exchange.

    don't like the rules,,please leave. the door is that way!!!!

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    Wish I could see Herbie's face right now. :D

  8. LOL! Ok, I take it whoever posted you being the CEO was full of shit.
    Me being me, I was going to pm you a couple of Alternative programs in Natural gas, and an all cash private reit if you were the CEO of overstock. I was thinking, "you never know. Maybe he is the CEO, and likes hanging around with the rest of us.:D

    Sorry for the confusion.
  9. All in fun. But no, as much as I respect the guy, I am not him. But I'm not Ted Stevens either, so I guess it all works out.

    This guy "The KIN" started that stupid rumor. So, with Patrick all over TV last week, I was going to do a Lois Lane. I thought I'd post at the very same time I, uh, I mean Patrick was on TV.
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