Illegal or not illgal. Insider trading on gorernment reports.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nofear777, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Yesterday we had a very nice rally.

    Today the government report is officialy released.

    We all know almost every big institution on the street has access to these numbers ahead of time. Hence yesterdays buying.

    I pose this question to my fellow traders.
    Is this illegal activity?
  2. thats not why we went up yesterday. we went up because bernanke sent a letter to sen schumer(new york) saying the fed will do anything possible to protect the market. however,i believe his statement was taken out of context.
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    We went up yesterday because Big Ben confirmed what everyone has known for some time, that the Fed now confuses the stock market with the economy and cares more about making sure the wonder kids on the street get a fat bonus at the end of the year than it does about the economy and whatever is happening on mainstreet. It wasnt a big secret, its been that way for some time, he just went ahead and confirmed it.


    PS, note that I'm flat with a slightly bullish bias at this point, so I could really care less what the market does.
  4. "Fed now confuses the stock market with the economy"

    LoL. Yeah you got that right.

    Tax payer money hard at work supporting the market.

    I read that report by bernanke, and did not put much credence into it. At least not a reason to move the market that dramaticaly. But you guys are probably right.

    Ive learned one thing. Less sentiment I have about the market, the more money I make.

    Its good to have no sentiment!
  5. B.S. Bernanke is not confused about this at all. The stock market IS the economy.

    Most investors believe the market "reflects the economy", when it's really the other way around. BS knows this and will do anything necessary to keep the stock market aloft to avoid a recession. (Of course that means inflation and loss of purchasing power in the $USD for all of us inconsequential citizens.)
  6. "(Of course that means inflation and loss of purchasing power in the $USD for all of us inconsequential citizens.)"

    Sad but true:( .
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    Well, unfortunatly your as confused as the Fed and 90% of Americans. Most of Wall Street knows its BS and the stock market is not the economy, but they wouldnt want to let that secret out. If you cant figure it out, try this. Pull up a chart of the economic cycle, and pull up another chart of the DOW. Check out the post war period as but one example, its the biggest and easiest to see, but there are a lot of others as well. The market can be a great leading indicator of the economy in some cases, and should always be considered..but it should not be confused as to being the economy or even as being terribly important to the overall economy.

  8. We never "trade off or trade from" news or reports. We know what to avoid and when. Playing market direction is so hard, especially with all the nonsensical economic and company reporting data these day.

    "Earnings great" - stock down 3%

    "Earnings flat" - stock up 3%

    Employement figures = xxxxxx

    Revised employment figures = (xxxxxx) - oops, sorry.

    Same store sales = xxx oops, we mean = yyy.

    Pick your stocks, trade the same stocks every day, become a surrogate specialist, know your stocks, invite others to yourpoker game, don't dive into news stocks and play each day in someone else's poker game. Stay neutral when you can, make money the way the Specialists have for 200 years.

    My opinion only. And, remember "buy on rumor, sell on news" etc.

  9. Sorry Brandon, I'M not confused at all! I have great anger about the Fed and the Gummint, but I'm not confused.

    The Powers use their considerable influence to MAKE the market rally.. and it takes the economy with it. Sometimes they make the market decline (mostly through credit contraction), and the economy follows.

    If the market does an extended decline without the Power's influence, the economy contracts (pretty rare).

    If you're a market player, you might as well forget about the "economy"... such considerations only add to the confusion.
  10. i think there were several jew to jew calls involved yesterday between bernanke, schumer and wall street
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