Illegal immigration = subsidy = wealth destruction

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    the simple fact is, when you factor in the social cost of each additional immgrant from mexico, their cost to the infrastructure (schools, roads, etc) social services (police, fire, courts, prisons etc) exceeds the value of their work

    to 'fill a job', then the public must *subsidize the employer*, because the employer 'cant afford to pay more'

    this public subsidy, in a budget deficit situation, is paid for with more debt

    the 'job' in fact, is an economic activitity that DESTROYS wealth, rather than creates it - why does someone have a G-d given right to emply at a level that destroys wealth overall?

    I needed to fill up my car this weekend. I wanted to pay $2 per gallon, like I had earlier this year. Was there a shortage of gasoline, or merely a shortage of gasoline at $2?
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    I've heard estimate from the heritage foundation, that this amnesty (and that's what it is) could cost 2.9 Trillion (with a 'T')

    how 'cheap' is this labor?

    you know this bill will cost *something*, notice the senate has forgot to talk about his?

    call your senators today!!!!
  3. Property taxes on long island are rising 10-20% a year due to the large illegal population. They are driving out the locals in huge numbers. The only people prospering here are builders and the workers they pay cash. They go to school for free and we have to bare the brunt of it with these huge tax increases. The last I read...long time residents were leaving at about a 6% rate a year while immigrants are entering at about a 8% a year rate. So what will it come to?
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    here's another issue - we keep hearing 'we're a nation of immigrants'

    well, suppose a town was filling a new lake - it took a long time to fill it, years. each quarter, the town would meet on the water inflow. because they were still filling the lake, each meeting was kind of like a broken record

    finally though, rather than measuring the lake levels vs the flow, the town people just chanted slogans 'we're a town of lake fillers'

    'my predacesor in this council position was a lake filler'

    if someone brought up the lake level vs the flow, they would be shouted down with these slogans, and called a 'Lakist'

    wouldnt this be kind of stupid?

    isnt it time to give SOME thought to what 'full' is in the nation's population relative to the resources? remember, the population would still rise even if we cut off the immigration completely

    ever heard, even once, a politician mention a numerical description of what 'full' is for this nation?

    isnt that kind of scary?

    call your senators today!!!!
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    and here's another idea

    most of the people who push for amnesty, are the country club set

    try this:

    take your family to their club, and when nobody's looking, sneak in. have your kids enjoy the pool, play a little golf, or order some food.

    when approached, and told about the rules, tell them you just want a better life, that's why the rules dont apply to you, that you have just as much right to that space as they do, you're all humans and you are 'free to migrate' into their club

    see what kind of response you get

    are these elites sharing their club with you?

    or are they sharing your country with others, so that they can pay for a club they keep you out of?

    Call your Senators today!!!!!
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    I think it's a lost cause. If it gets unbearable here I would just get ready to leave.
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    no it's not, cloture debate is starting now, vote is tonight

    call your Senators NOW, and tell them NO!
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    Where do you live? I live in So Cal. It's a lost cause.
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    do you want to end up having nowhere to run to?